Wonderful book …

Science, religion, archeology and anthropology come together in this well woven tale of a discovery that becomes much more significant than anyone could have expected. The book is a scientific thriller, with a nice touch of romance and humor. What you read below are some of the comments I made as I read. May they do this wonderful book justice. When you read the story, you may or may not agree with me. That is also a pleasure of reading.

• “The subject matter is very interesting and well described without causing confusion due to too much information being given at one time. I did not realize that henge are separated into above, partially above and completely covered sections. I have already learned something, which is why I love reading.”

• “I am enjoying the pace. It is not so slow as to drag and not so fast that I feel rushed and like I haven’t absorbed something important that will make a difference later.”

• A character says to his colleague, “And now let me ask you one last profound question: do you follow the dove or the raven?” “My personal answer is: I love birds especially mourning doves and crows/ravens. Mourning doves are so beautiful, but rather stupid and unaware of their surroundings until it’s usually too late. Crows are very intelligent and aware of their environment at all times. They are hard to trick or get close to, not so with doves. If I had to choose based solely on the bird itself, I would choose to be a Raven. Rather beautiful and intelligent than beautiful and clueless.”

• “I know things are not exactly as they seem. There is an underlying tension that you’ve created around this dig, which is keeping me slightly on edge and wondering when the next oversized boot is going to drop.”

• “I find that part especially fascinating. It would be expected if it were mummified, wet or dry, but it’s a skeleton and not a mummy. I can’t wait to see what this significant tidbit reveals. (removed spoiler)”

• “Dang! He should have at least scared the little prat (I love that word!)”

• “That neighbor is something else. I have to smile at his ‘imminent domain my ass’ attitude.”

• “I want to stand up and applaud, whistle and cheer! Perfectly said! Love this – pure Mallory at her very best!”

• “I like Sir Henry! He knows a gem when he sees one. Take that, Paisley, old girl!”

• “UGH! She is killing me (removed spoiler). Gasp! Eck…killing me…ack…need life support…eck…now…gasp…beeeeeeeeeeeep…I cannot believe I am left hanging! (removed spoiler) What, what, what!!??”

• “I am so looking forward to the rest of this series…Ellison, you are truly gifted.”

Jill C. July 11, 2016