Literary science fiction …

Ellison Blackburn flaunts her writing skills in her third novel of the Fountain of Life, Being Human. The Fountain of Life are a series of literary science fiction novels that center around a futuristic world where humans can medically regenerate the physical body back to youth. Being Human picks up where Second Nature left off in that society decided to stop regeneration as a normal health care procedure due to the disastrous effect it had on the world’s population growth.

Our tale begins with Emery on the eve of her marriage to Aiden. Emery’s pending nuptial bliss is put on hold when a blast from Aiden’s past, Sera, literally transports in with an urgent mission: they must break the laws of their time and go back in history to stop the discovery of modular cell regeneration from happening. As Emery and her friends push forward to help their world adjust to life without regeneration, Emery must also deal with the buxom, blonde Sera who tries to seduce Aiden in ways that would even give Mae West pause.

As an avid reader of literary works, I immediately fell in love with this book by the end of the first paragraph. There is no disputing it; Ellison Blackburn is a master of prose and I will gladly follow her writing anywhere she wants to take me. In addition to wooing me with her words, Blackburn manages to expertly peel back the layers of Emery’s psychology.

I loved this book. I loved it so much that I immediately went back and bought the first two books in the series, Flash Back and Second Nature. I cannot wait to read them!

Amazon Customer March 5, 2016