Second Nature is a MUST read …

If you enjoyed Flash Back, then Second Nature is a MUST read. This is a fast paced read without being rushed. The character development and plot development are superb. The descriptions of time and place are fully developed without bogging down the pace of the read. The subject matter is intriguing and very thought provoking, causing you to question your beliefs about life and what it should and could become. As a reader, you will contemplate the choice you made for yourself based on Flash Back and whether or not you would change your mind given the issues brought to light in Second Nature.

In this story we are following the life of Emery. She lives in a very different world, a world in which humans may become extinct. She is a chronicler, a historian of what Earth has become. She is also trying to find herself; her roots. That journey takes many twists and turns. Emery is finding the new information to be quite disturbing. She and her friends begin to question the historic information, the role of science in the current plight of human procreation and what would happen if they let nature take the prominent role in human survival. Read, reflect and know that whichever way you chose at the end of Flash Back, you will now question that choice. Will you change your mind? You will only know the answer to that question once you’ve read Second Nature. Enjoy!

Jill C. November 5, 2015