Interesting read …

Fascinating look at life’s choices and overall good read. Although I am at a very different place in my life than Charley, I was able to partially grasp and understand what she was going through in her life. I could empathize with her decisions and rationale with de-aging.

The world of the book felt like a believable future, with being mostly similar but with some sci-fi esque aspects. We don’t get that much of a look at it because of the narrator, though. Which is okay, but I wish there was more detail.

The plot, or well, personal journey of Charley felt a little slow and tiresome at points, but her character is very wishy washy, so that makes sense in context. I was frustrated by her and happy for her at various moments in the novel.

I do not feel entirely satisfied by the ending, but once again that has to do with the personal nature of the story. Charley changed in subtle ways, rather than more epic ones.

Overall, it is a very interesting read and was insightful to how and why we make choices.

Sarah S. August 28, 2015