A drink from the fountain …

I was blown away by the subject and the content. Even if you’ve never experienced these feelings, you will be able to understand and relate to them because of Ms. Blackburn’s ability to write exactly what the character thinks and feels; you are inside her head and connected to her heart.

The story is told from the point of view of the protagonist, Charley. The mid-life crisis that she describes is both fascinating, familiar and a bit fear inducing. Being the same age as the character, I can completely understand her thoughts on her life. The story takes you through her journey to find her happiness in the years 2024-2025.

Charley is able, through the use of technology, to relive her life on different terms. Along the way she realizes that this choice has extreme consequences, both good and bad. She analyzes everything and in so doing, gives you an honest and vivid look at the reality that has become her life. Charley realizes that parts of her analysis were missing in her decision making. Those missing components have caused her reality to be a bit off from her expectations. As a reader you will agree, disagree, and find her choices both fascinating and thought provoking. This book makes you re-evaluate all of your own feelings on the subject as you’re taken on Charley’s journey of reinvention.

If you were given the same opportunity, would you take it? Could you be brave enough, desperate enough or disengaged enough with your current situation? If you could be given a drink from the fountain of youth, would you accept it? I have my answer.

Jill C. August 6, 2015