What more could a girl ask for?

A great career and fur babies Charley seems to have all that anyone can want out of life; a loving husband, a great career and fur babies, what more could a girl ask for? Yet she finds herself increasingly questioning her choices through to her life and longing for the old ways of doing things before technology got its grip on our lives and changed it all. Working for a magazine that specializes in letting everyone know about the newest technological and medical advances being made Charley finds that she often fears what these advancements herald for our future. Bombarded by fears and doubts Charley seeks out the help of a psychiatrist. With Dr. Baum’s help she finds things out and puts things into a perspective she wouldn’t have attained before. When it becomes clear that even at her age and given the resources available now will Charley finally make a change in her life? Or will she continue down the comfortable yet unfulfilling road she is on? Can someone who has grown to fear these scientific advances actually manage to take advantage of them instead?

Samaris C. May 15, 2015