An interesting read …

One thing that I appreciate about writers is when they demonstrate a true command of the language of their story. I enjoyed the descriptive nature of this author’s tale, and the way she used such a large vocabulary to describe the thoughts and actions of her characters.

I had some trouble getting into the actual story itself, though. It seemed like it took a long time to get down to the meat of the book itself. Told from the perspective of Charley, a 54 year old married woman who had fallen into a life of settling for what had become comfortable over the years, Flash back is relayed through the thoughts and diary entries of someone who wants more from life but feels that she no longer has control to choose what she feels is best for her.

When she begins seeking out therapy, she learns in her sessions that her lack of control is just an illusion she has created and so she starts to assert herself and make major life-changing decisions that could potentially either strengthen or destroy her marriage. She decides to undergo a procedure called regeneration. From that point on, her life changes dramatically.

For this reader, the story was interesting but not captivating. Well-written, but needed just a little more punch to engage me as Charley’s life unfolded.

M.R. Holloway Jr. January 24, 2016