Second Son

Second Son, The Watchers book 2Second Son, book 2 of The Watchers is coming September 30, 2017.

Birds of a feather are tethered.

Every person alive was affected by the relics found amongst the ruins of the Gwellen stone circle. However, as though a trendy topic gone viral for a short time, except for a tabloid headline or two, the world continued to spin very scientifically on its axis. Even Dr. Mallory Jacks remained skeptical, despite all she had witnessed.

Two years after the moment of first discovery, the artifacts still defied rational explanation. It was likely the true impact of the finds would rumble through the halls of laboratories, universities, museums, as well as pews for ages to come. That is if human life on the planet existed that long.

For beyond the boundaries of terra firma and mankind’s limited senses, there are mysterious powers at work. The unseen forces know that civilization has failed to steer themselves toward a better course, time and time again. Thus, when Grey returns to Cornwall a changed man—with another fantastic story to tell—his and Mallory’s love for one another will be tested, and humanity along with its mortality will be judged one last time.

Teaser from Chapter 6

Announcing his presence, Grey rapped on the narrow rectangular window of the open hospital room door. A broad smile of recognition crossed India’s face when she looked in his direction. India was Rae, Rae was India.

“Darling, you remember him, don’t you? He is your friend,” her mother said with hopeful excitement. “I told you, Daddy, it was going to be a special friend that helped our India to remember.”

Without waiting for an answer, the even smaller, older version of the patient came forward and planted a small-boned, thin hand on Grey’s strong forearm and ushered him into the room. “Come in, come in. You are most definitely welcome here.” She leaned close to her husband and audibly whispered, “And he is quite handsome.”

“Mother, Father, allow me to introduce you to Grey,” the patient said carefully. “May I speak with him alone now?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Mr. Shah said, hurriedly pushing his wife out of the room as though the faster they left the quicker their daughter would completely recover from her amnesia. “We shall return this evening.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Shah,” Grey said, bowing at their departure.

“Likewise, young man,” Mr. Shah returned, bobbing his head profusely as the couple exited. Peeking in one last time, he proudly assessed his daughter as though certain the miracle had already occurred, and it was presumably Mrs. Shah’s floating arm in the doorway that fluttered its fingertips, waving goodbye.

“What they have surmised from a tiny smile is quite amazing,” the patient commented, smiling widely again, beckoning Grey to move closer. “I have asked their Guardian to calm them lest they get too excited.”

“Yes, well, they think you and I…that we’re…you know, an item,—that we’re shagging one another. Anyway, how are you? Have you remembered anything to help you along? How do you feel?” Absentmindedly, he straightened the oxford-blue sheet that was unevenly draped over the mattress, exposing the extra thick, downy topper before carefully sitting down next to her on the edge of the bed. “Living the life of luxury, it seems,” he added, puzzling over the feather bed under her slight frame.

“I am present, which seems too obvious an answer; thus, perhaps I do not correctly understand your inquiry. Also, I have recalled nothing as of yet,” she said flatly. A barely detectable grin appeared in her eyes. “Furthermore, my lack of remembrance is normal. That is what the doctors have informed me, as have my guardians. Normal as it may be, I cannot fathom why they would test me with an unending list of questions knowing I should fail.” She laughed, making the pleasant tinkling sound Grey remembered.

“I have also been made aware of certain facts, such as, among other details, I was born in England, however, categorically, my original ethnicity is East Asian Indian. This ancestry was derived from a line of people who lived in the subcontinent of India for many generations before relocating to the island of Great Britain. I recently turned 24 years of age; I have an estranged brother who resides somewhere amongst the vast plains of Africa; I am studying to be an Archeologist similar to the person I most esteem. I asked my parents if I possess a graven image of Dr. Mallory Jacks, in order to ascertain the extent of my idolatry. As for how I feel, I shall do my best to conjecture the meaning of this emotion or may it be you refer to my tactile sense?” She pressed her fingertips into her forearm. “Unusual, indeed.”

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