WIP: status update March 2016

statusMy newest work in progress is If There Be Giants, book one of The Watchers series. The status is I’m roughly 45 thousand words into it. Unlike The Fountain series, it’s written in third-person (omnipresent narrator), which once you read it you’ll understand why.

This story follows an archeologist, Dr. Mallory Jacks, and her discovery of a strange but familiar creature. The setting is modern day in Cornwall, England.

I anticipate this series to be at least three books, progressively getting more fantastical as the story arch progresses.

Flash Back, Second Nature, and Being Human

I’m also working on the box set for The Fountain trilogy, for your binge reading pleasure. I’ve noticed that many readers are reading the series out of sequence and while we all have our ways, preferences … understanding of the full story will be easier if read in order.

Other Goings On

In the back of my mind is an audiobook version of each of the novels.