Tales of speculative horror

speculative markI write Horror … oh, wait I mean speculative/science Fiction.

I really detest genres and cannot wait for the day when some ingenious retailer (Amazon or iBooks) comes up with a way to extract meta-data in a book with the use of a tiny spider. Through my crystal ball I see: jambing a book into an imperfectly sized box as a thing of the past.

You see, I have the problem of classifying my work every time I publish. How can anything creative, so multifaceted as a story be categorized correctly just by two or three tropes?

I write what I write because it’s challenging, possible and very nearly probable without being horrifically gory. Science fiction can be terrifying in its realism and to me this IS horror. The headiness can make it metaphysical, which also makes it psychological, philosophical, and spiritual, but not necessarily religious. Several readers have called my book-length inklings “literary.” And the romantic relationships evolving in the stories do not make my works romance novels but they could be.

I would be comfortable with the term “speculative fiction.” The box of possibilities opens up and magically expands. Yet, this isn’t a recognized genre in the eyes of the people who make up the official genre categories. The day will come.