It’s true, my characters are me … and you

letters charactersIt’s been a while since Flash Back was released. Six months later Second Nature (originally published as Regeneration X was published, four months or so after that Being Human was released.

When I wrote the first book, unlike many authors of a series, I didn’t have a series planned. I thought Flash Back would be a standalone novel. While none of my stories end in a cliff-hanger, it wasn’t until two chapters before the end of the first book that I became aware the end wasn’t THE END.
So, as I polish Being Human I wonder if the Fountain of Life will really be just a trilogy. Meanwhile, I’ve also begun working on another softly science-fiction and metaphysical novel. But it’s an entirely different story. Here’s a hint: it has to do with a strange but familiar creature found during an archaeological dig.

But, I digress. I was going to say— I will miss the characters from the Fountain series; I’d grown rather schizophrenic-ly attached to them. Part of me hopes it won’t be a long separation. In fact, several readers have reached out to ask if I am Charley, or Charley is me? Yes, Charley and I are rather close. Michael, Inez, Becks, Dr. Baum, and I ARE well acquainted too. Part of me is in every other character of the story, even in Mel. I have traveled to Seattle, England, and Scotland and I do have pets, a dog and cats. You see, the idea for the story and theme of cellular regeneration came from somewhere (the recesses of this mind and its pondering of all things hindsight). Haven’t we all thought: ‘If I only knew then what I know now’?

I’ve also been told my characters are so real. Maybe you wonder if the characters are molded/modeled from people I know. The reality is I don’t know one, let alone two individuals who own a home decor boutique, nor am I even acquainted with an Art History professor, therapist, or publisher of a healthcare magazine that writes about the latest advancements in technology. For that matter, I’ve never met a cybernetically-enhanced or genetically-modified human. The real me is, however, concerned about becoming more disconnected from reality and more attached to virtually social-reality. I also feel strongly about the GMOs we consume; it can’t be good for us in the long-run.

I like to think you know characters like the crew from Flash Back. Or maybe one or two, or all, are in some way like you.

Funny that I haven’t yet been asked the same question about Emery from Second Nature. Even though she lives two-hundred years from now, she’s human (complex, emotion-filled, driven by her relationship with the world, her environment, and other people). Therefore she has that in common with all of us. That’s why with my books I always ask myself: What would you do if you could change this, that, or the other about being human?