People I think I know

I want to talk a little about character development and how all of the characters I have written have become real people to me. I wrote a blog post about Flash Back, Second Nature, and Being Human, a while ago. Here it is if you’re interested: It’s true, my characters are me … and you.

Even after the book is written and the story complete, what Charley might do or what Emery would say, still rattles around in my head. The male characters too, are persons I nearly recognize. And, because I know them, I’d like to meet them for real.

There are main characters, and of course, they take the spotlight, but secondary characters are especially awesome, in my biased opinion. I would go so far as to say they are one notch above in importance to the story than is the plot. Forewarning: in case you didn’t know, I prefer character-driven fiction over plot-driven stories in any media format (be it movies, books, short-stories). I’m not saying a storyline and its arc isn’t crucial to the tale, but like supporting characters, it comes in second; oops, I meant third.

So, I have my favorite primary and secondary characters. (I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.) My closeness to them—as imaginary friends—however, may not line-up in that order. We all know that real friends are not always the ones we know best.