The importance of storytelling

What's your storyLet’s talk about storytelling and what it does for us as humans.

Throughout history, scribes, bards and yarn-tellers have been entertaining, as well as, inspiring us with the same ideas, but with words strung differently. Because while philosophically, “There is nothing new under the sun,” “nothing new” becomes a new something when an idea is shared and the voice behind it makes it unique.

Long time ago, I earned an English degree in literature, before that a science degree in biology, an odd a combination as you can imagine. And although I use neither degrees specifically as a web developer or author, I am thankful for my broad interests and fortuitously indecisive young mind for having pulled me through both tracks, now. I am unique but it took me a while to reach that point of understanding—accepting and appreciating myself as individual as a fingerprint.

We each are, and while it’s been touted that we are all more the same than different, it is the differences I, and we, find so intriguing. Wouldn’t you agree? I came to realize this more than I ever had before as I began to write for my readers, as well as for myself. There is a difference between just thinking up a tale and telling a story to others. The stories I write are told with my unique voice, no one can tell the story I’ve imagined, quite in the same way as I do.

A reader asked me, “Do you associate with Charley? Do you see yourself in her?”

My answer was, “definitely.” But as the question was very specific, I replied likewise. However, you may catch glimpses of my personal inner workings in all my characters. Charley, Inez, Becks, even Michael, Parker and the rest, carry within their personas, bits and pieces of my own.

For this reason, I think its important you tell stories, too, with your voice; whether written or verbal, fact or fiction. The world needs stories, for imagination fuels our lives.

“To influence is the best any of us can do.” Dr. Rickard Baum, Flash Back.

2 thoughts on “The importance of storytelling

  1. I wish I had more creativity in that way. Creativity in general would be great. It brings you back to childhood, makes you forget the world around us today. Because I can’t find my way to that childhood splendor I will read stories artfully written by others and hope that I will one day have that imagination once again.

    • Sima, thanks for sharing. Imagination is a bit harder for adults :). We just have to keep practicing.

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