The importance of being

optionsWe all have to make choices, regardless of which path through life we choose. What to eat, what to wear, what careers we pursue, where we live, how we live, what we stand for, what we fight for, etc. Again, regardless of the path, some decisions we will want to take back once the choices are made.

It’s easy to change our minds about a favorite flavor of ice cream. Or we can decide to switch from an iPhone to Pixel from one day to the next. Others choices are harder to change, and still others are irreversible. For one, we can’t take back words spoken (or media-ized), especially when they were heard (or read).

I’ve considered the idea of choice a lot, particularly, what can happen when those unchangeable past choices can be revisited and reneged. The first book in the Fountain of Life series, Flash Back, is at least a study in the imperfection of life driven by choice. Even with hindsight, nothing is perfect, not a single life, not a single day. A choice made by one person that has a positive butterfly effect on many could be a consequence for someone or several people on the other side of the planet. It is also about the importance of being, since as long as To be is remains the question, it means hope waits ahead or around the corner.

Just a little message to remind you that hindsight might not be as great as it seems. Be happy, choose wisely, and move sideways or forward because hoping backward is just backward hoping.