It’s fun and good for you too

writingBlogging about writing and reading has become therapy for me. I may have mentioned once or twice that storytelling is cathartic. Well, writing generally is, although, there is also this teensy-tiny stereotype that writers are psychologically challenged (not unstable, insane, or looney, mind).

As I was saying. Instead of journaling, you could just as well talk to your peers or friends. (As if you need to add one more self-improvement tool to your list of self-betterment to-dos, next to meditation, yoga, healthy eating, etc.) However, I would ask you to consider that when you write your thoughts down, you use different words than you would in a conversation, even if the conversation is with yourself. Not only does the practice of journaling tend to help excise negativity, there are times you end up jotting down a thought that you didn’t know you thought or believed. It can be an enlightening experience and well worth the extra effort. Also, with friends the conversation veers (from my experience, most of the time) in a different direction. With writing, you get to think a thought to its end, without segues, which makes it all about you. Sometimes, it helps everyone, all around, when you are selfish.

I could make a stronger case for why you should try this type of therapy, but you get the point. Writing gets addictive and it is good for you too … er, though.