Do a little dance

Every day I spend over twelve hours facing an digital screen. I’m not so old that I should get dizzy if I jump a little or jog short distances. My bones shouldn’t creak yet. So, this stationary existence of mine was becoming a bit of an annoying problem.

Maybe you’re wondering what I do all day that I need such long hours of face-time with my computer and devices. I write novels, blog posts, and newsletters. I also keep in touch with my readers, conduct research, transcribe notes, plan and strategize events, coach and consult, yada yada, and all while sitting. I’d considered investing in a standing desk (I may do still). However, I learned standing is better for circulation, which is good, but it’s not really a fix for what ails. If I was a Tin-woman, oiling a hinge that didn’t move would still result in dried-up, sticky joints.

Now, I read somewhere this whole ‘sitting all the time thing’ is bunk somewhat too. There is difference, apparently, if you sit for work or leisure. Whatever. Knowledge still doesn’t solve the problem either.

Ta Da! My solution, don’t laugh,…is dancing. I hate ‘officially’ working out. Me and the stair-climber or tread-mill never seem to meet on friendly terms; long distance relationships are hard.

So, every day, for two weeks now, I’ve been forcing myself to take a five-minute break every hour just to get up and stretch. Also, every day, I dance (as ridiculously as I want) for somewhere between a half hour and an hour. There is no other pattern to my new exercise regimen. It doesn’t feel like exercise and miraculously, this week, my knees are not louder than the squeaks in the floorboards. Also, now, I have no aches to speak of at all.

When I first started doing this, I was dancing rather passively, waving my hands in the air and just moving. Just today, I felt energetic enough to put a little gumption in my steps. I will be making a more aerobic playlist for the future, trying to work up to a privatized Zumba strategy!