Flash Back

Flash Back

Destiny will out.

In the not too distant future, a bioengineering breakthrough—touted the modern-day fountain of youth—will change the world, one life at a time.

Charley has regrets. On the verge of depression, disturbed by the machinations of a technologically-driven world, she longs for the road not taken. Now, finding Renovation, she might have a second chance to undo, rather redo, some of her past choices. If nothing else, a do-over could shine a spark of light through the doldrums of middle-age.

Those long since buried dreams would be again within her grasp. The best part: behind the fresh face of youth, Charley would be the same. With all her past experiences on her side, she could pursue a new career and have a bit of youthful adventure as well. Two things only cellular regression and regeneration can promise.

After all, you only live once.

Yet, her decision could irreversibly warp her current lifestyle as well as forever distance her from the ones she loves.

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What Readers Say

A great career and fur babies Charley seems to have all that anyone can want out of life; a loving husband, a great career and fur babies, what more could a girl ask for? Yet she finds herself increasingly questioning her choices through to her life and longing for the old ways of doing things before technology got its grip on our lives and changed it all. Working for a magazine that specializes in letting Read on ...

Samaris C.

Teaser from Chapter 1

When Charley happened upon him thus, she crept to an open doorway or back to the top of the stairs, out of sight. Not covertly, just quietly enough to not disturb his reveries. For her, his pensive manner inspired bittersweet thoughts of solitude, lost love, and longing. These ideas confused her. They were the best of friends, she didn’t think she wanted anything to change between them. Life was predictable…comfortable. Besides they had earned it, hadn’t they? But every time, it was the same. Strangely, rather than actually feeling those would-be emotions, they were just disconnected words that popped to mind as she stood there—except solitude, she felt alone often. She wondered if he spied on her in the same way but doubted it.

Why lost love? We are together. And why longing? We have everything we need; we have each other. She trusted no one else in the world more. What perplexed her was Michael was perfect: intelligent, driven, and hard-working; attractive, kind, and even-tempered; and his sense of humor was just her type, dry and spontaneous. If that wasn’t enough he was the better cook. If there was a balance comparing the two of them, the scale would have tipped decidedly in his favor, every time.

Snippet from Chapter 2

Many of her ways were because she secretly longed for the slower paced days. Days when people took time to appreciate their actual surroundings, other people and life, like going for strolls or sipping a port or sherry over a philosophical conversation, instead of the occasional wine with dinner or a binge night out chatting about mundane details. She liked the idea of a habitual thing, not something you just did on occasion between scheduled happy hours and video conferences or amidst the chaos of group chats, social media and messaging, virtual or otherwise.

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All the boxes that were part of today’s norm were tedious and as Becks called it, “soul sucking.” Charley agreed wholeheartedly and felt sometimes, she didn’t quite fit into the modern world even though she could navigate through it well enough.