Being Human

Being Human

Welcome the dawn of a new way.

The Fountain of Life series conclude with a story about the complexity of love that exists within the bonds of family; wanes or grows between old friends and new; and meanders in various directions for past and present lovers. Then there is also the love and responsibility of an individual for her fellow humans.

Relationships are but mere fragments in the overall schema of humanity and yet, bonds of varying strength are the crux of being human.

Destined to live again…

Emery Kidd’s perfect, if not mundane, life changes when she once again meets Serafina Strong. If her rival were not so provoking Emery might almost be grateful for the new adventure Sera proposes.

In the early part of the twenty-second century, the enforcement system Sera has worked for her entire life has been abolished. As a mediator of her community—a once-critical role—she has suddenly lost her job and her purpose. Yet, instead of conceding defeat, she aspires to a new career as the heroine of the future. She is uniquely qualified.

In her multi-regenerative lifetime, Sera had died twice. By multiple acts of fate, not only was she revived, she was also granted the gift of prescience. With her most recent resurrection her sight became clearer. She can see the impact of change as it trickles its way along the timeline and now, she knows the prospects for regenkind are dim.

The objectives of the challenge Sara lays before Emery and her friends are divided at the very onset of the adventure by separate agendas. However, they have little choice; the group must overcome their differences and unite in the common goal—save their peaceful and free world from the dire future Sera has foreseen—if they can.

Because…a change in a tiny fragment of time can alter everything.

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What Readers Say

This is an exceptional story that outlines the effects caused by Flash back and Second Nature. Consequence cannot be avoided; it exists for every action without regard to the analytical aptitude used in the decision-making process.

Ms. Blackburn creates a world where nothing is as it seems. There are gaps in the decision-making processes causing things to go awry in some very serious ways and the consequences cannot be out-run.

This is the final book in a series that is a literary masterpiece of thought-provoking and soul-scaring discoveries. Can they right their wrongs? Should they even try?

Read the books and make your decisions. Remember the After Effect – all decisions have one.

Jill C.

Teaser from Chapter 1

One could only hope, if ever it came at all, boredom would set in only after years of learning everything there was to know about a person. Although not having known my mother, her story persisted in my mind, thus making her ever present. When they’d separated, Charley and Michael’s marriage had taken over fifteen years to devolve. So, it was hard not to think Aiden and I were on the fast track and not even married yet. We’d chosen six months from the day of our arrival for the occasion. Now, I wondered whether we were strong enough, if we’d ever reach that point and if we did, would a fragment of our love have since gotten lost along the way?

Rationality told me we should have talked this through before doubt ever arose, but Aiden had found Tymony and I was hesitant to bring it up. I didn’t want him to think me ungrateful. I hadn’t forgotten he’d searched it out and found it for me—the grandest gesture ever. Conversely, I’m just as sure he would have chosen to stay in the aftermath of the Progeny Project if he had had it his way (if he were alone). There wasn’t an ounce of country-bumpkin in him. He looked as misplaced here as I’m sure he felt. He’d sacrificed his happiness for mine.

I passed the storefront of Santorini’s Mercantile, displaying a variety of pharmaceutical and grooming products. Next was Colliers Clothiers with its same three-month-old scene of headless, stick-frame, twentieth-century man and woman, standing over picnic fixings. Being it was almost October, Mr. Collier should update the vignette to something Halloweeny. Then again, maybe the scene was apropos. With the obnoxious red-checkered blanket imprinted in my brain, I sauntered past Blackie’s Pub; Pharis Goods and Grocers; and the Delicious delicatessen before arriving in front of the bookstore and lending library, Tick Tomes.

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Snippet from Chapter 2

Aiden and I were almost married in Tymony’s quaint town center, on a lovely grassy quad before a beautiful stone maiden to bear witness (amongst others). Monday, the day before the event, which was three days, four hours and twenty-seven minutes ago, to be exact, and when my three out of town guests—my dad, aunt, and uncle—were meant to arrive, Serafina Strong crashed our blissful prelude. After only a few minutes of watching my soon-to-be husband and the lovely Serafina together, my feet might as well have been cryogenically preserved in dry ice.

“My grandmother would not have said that,” Aiden had said coldly, his upper body protectively tensed. I listened in a stupor while absently thinking Aiden rarely crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Loren didn’t exactly say, ‘Aiden and Emery don’t belong together,'” she said, elevating her voice specifically over the words of the supposed quote. However, I’d heard the whole sentence.

Aiden shifted the square weight on his feet to the left foot, otherwise, his posture remained stiff. I think I heard him say, “If you’re going to use Loren against us it would be helpful to know what she did say.”

Serafina pouted her rosebud tinted lower lip. “Aiden, no one is ‘against’ anyone. She said she just wanted you to be happy and with the right person and it was your choice to make, but you should know, at least, that you still had one—, which of course, you wouldn’t unless I made it clear.” Serafina paused and looked intently at him. “She didn’t say the last part either…that’s me being honest to add authenticity.” She then grinned, leaned forward, and slowly reached out to touch his face.

Excerpt from Chapter 3

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“I’ll just tell you a little bit about myself so we can skip ahead of the getting to know you stuff and get to what’s important.” She smiled sweetly at Liam and again he nodded.

“For over a century, I was a mediator…since the time, the enforcement system was started. For many of those years, Aiden and I worked together in 121. If you’re interested, he’ll tell you how committed I was to my job.”

Her tone altered perceptibly. “But, everything is changing. Soon the whole enforcement system will be gone and replaced by something so much worse. You all might not care what’s going on in the rest of the world, but I’m hoping you do and I don’t like where the future is headed. Uh. Let me step back from the future a bit. I don’t tell this story a lot…ever, really. Okay, so I’m sure like me when you found out about the Progeny Project and what it meant for regenkind you weren’t prepared to accept this life as your last.”

She grabbed our attention as we all silently agreed by bobbing our heads, except for Aiden who stood there expressionless.

“Good, we have that in common but I’m a little different,” she said, curving her lips into a half-smile. “Over the course of my living years, I’ve died twice; actually died. But somewhere time changed and I was brought back. It could be that the timelines that changed coincided with some defining fragment of mine; I don’t know. Maybe even without the Progeny Project destiny would bring me back to life. Again, I don’t know, but it’s not my lifetime completely I’m worried about. I’m more worried about all of it combined, time, life and living it, in general.

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