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author Ellison BlackburnEllison Blackburn grew up in Chicago, Illinois, but home has been many other places too—where ever she happens to live for a prolonged time—be it the West Coast or the Midwest.

The daughter of a former, histologist father and nurse mother, as well as a sister of scientifically-minded siblings, Ellison earned a degree in Biology—as it seemed a matter of natural, familial course. Being equally right and left brained, she later received another credential in English Literature, however, she mostly worked in the fields of internet development and graphic design before and after earning each degree. Read more about her unusual road to self-discovery and how it inspired her to become a storyteller too.

Now, her creative inklings, as well as other aspects of publishing, are her professional focus, although being an ‘inkling’ is more a way of life than it just being a career. As an Indie Author, Ellison published her first novel, Flash Back (previously titled Regeneration X) in early 2015. See the current list of her published works.

On the surface, Ellison lives the life of an ordinary human being, adapting day-to-day, moment-by-moment, to an ever-changing, sometimes overwhelming, world—just like everyone else. However, how we each approach our one life is different. For her, in the quiet moments, the fragments of chaos become whole again through writing. Her work, although genre fiction and speculative and social science fiction at that, has literary stylings. She strives to add layers of familiarity to her characters as well as the societies in which they exist, even though in her imaginings just being human can be strange. The common element across her stories have to do with time, the past, present, future and the spaces in between. Shifting time changes everything.

In addition to weaving tales of fiction and writing poetry, she enjoys painting abstract landscapes; traveling to international destinations; reading feel-good, made-into-movie novels and historical mysteries; collecting vintage whatnots; and other random pastimes, like playing the 90s version of the Trivial Pursuit board game. She is also passionate about feeding the body and mind with natural good stuff not artificial, (chemically laden) bad stuff.

inkling [ingk-ling] noun:
1. a person who collects ideas, expanding on one or more to create a work of written media.
2. a slight suggestion or indication; hint; intimation.

Ten Nine random facts about Ellison:

  1. Loves romancing the past, destroying the future (through fiction), and putting it back together again;
  2. Acts grown up…most of the time;
  3. Often cannot logoff the hard-drive and thus, usually has a hard time shutting down;
  4. Admits to being a Duran Duran, Def Leppard, and David Bowie groupie (except for when the estimable Mr. Bowie did ‘Dancing in the Street’ with Mick Jaggar);
  5. Is sentimental, but mostly mental;
  6. Believes the shit’s eventually gonna hit the fan with all the crap we humans get up to nowadays
  7. Daydreams realistically a lot;
  8. Invents new vocabulary at whim; and
  9. Avoids social media acronyms in speech or prose.

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