The Watchers

This series is a character-driven, speculative fiction genre mix of Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Christian Myth.

Second Son, Book 2 of The Watchers is coming to an Amazon near you September 30th

If There Be Giants, The Watchers Book 1
If There Be Giants, The Watchers Book 2

the Fountain of Life

The books in this series have several underlying themes, categorically making them speculative fiction. Simply put they are character-driven, Women’s fiction and mindful science fiction. Expect no spaceships or aliens from this sci-fi series, rather, it’s very much about being human. However, the story becomes progressively more dystopian as the regen world/story continues and time travel is involved.

Flash Back, Fountain of Life book 1
Second Nature, Fountain of Life book 2
Being Human, Fountain of Life book 3