The Watchers

This series is a character-driven, speculative fiction genre mix of Fantasy, Myth, and metaphysical fiction.

If There Be Giants - by speculative fiction author, Ellison Blackburn

If There Be Giants

Archeologist, Dr. Mallory Jacks has uncovered an anomaly, a strange creature amidst familiar surroundings, at least to her. The discovery could change the world’s perspective about anthropology and science, as well as shake the personal religious faith of millions … Read on

Book 2 of The Watchers is Coming Soon

Second Son

Especially for Grey McKnight and Dr. Mallory Jacks, the discovery of the mysterious relics buried among a great stone circle along the Cornish countryside was life-changing. The effects of the find would likely continue to ripple through academic and scientific channels for a long time too. Still, there is much happening beyond the boundaries of academia and of which every human being alive should be wary … Read on

the Fountain of Life

The books in this series have several underlying themes, categorically making them speculative fiction. Simply put they are character-driven, Women’s fiction and mindful science fiction—very much about being human. No spaceships or aliens, progressively more dystopian as the regen world/story continues.

Flash Back, Fountain of Life book 1
Second Nature, Fountain of Life book 2
Being Human, Fountain of Life book 3